Rejection Hurts!

But just for a little while.

“Whoever listens to you listens to me; whoever rejects you rejects me; but whoever rejects me rejects him who sent me.” Luke 10:16 ESV

“When you lose someone or something, try not to think of it as a loss, but as a gift that lightens your load so that you can better travel the path meant for you.” Marc and Angel, Hack Life

Oh! How it hurts to be rejected! From the adolescent years to old age, rejection happens. And we all have questions about ourselves, don’t we?

What did I do wrong?

Was it something I said or did?

Am I inadequate, insufficient, uneducated, stupid or naïve? (You’re not).

Some self-reflection is good but when it turns into obsessing and ruminating, we are stuck and useless.

People don’t know you well enough to judge you. Even Paul said he didn’t judge himself but entrusted himself to the Father.

If you’re truly rejected, it’s usually not personal—it probably is the other’s issue. If you’re rejected, it truly is a gift. They weren’t right for you. With Jesus, rejection was personal, they tried to trick him, lie about him and ultimately, killed him. But his death has lifted our burdens if only we will see it and act accordingly. Jesus’ yoke is easy and his burden is light.

The book I’m reading by David G. Benner, The Gift of Being Yourself, teaches that the only way to be your authentic self is through a personal relationship with the Father. And I so love authentic people! They just glow! They have strength, compassion and courage—so attractive! I think of an old ballad by Gordon Lightfoot called Everyday People, which describes the heart and love of authentic people.

If they reject you they may be rejecting the Father and Son. If so, shake the dust off your feet and be open to another. It’s not your burden. It’s theirs and the Father’s. Sometimes we call that “Detachment with Love.” Sometimes that is what it takes for change—leave them with the Father. It’s not abandonment. It’s leaving the person with the ultimate Counselor.


Surrender to the Father. Respond to His voice. Let Him transform. Instead of just knowing about God, we experience a relationship with Him. No diploma, education, high IQ or status is required, in fact, they may interfere. Many realize Jesus had no diploma, formal education or status but just went out calling his sheep even while being rejected by his own. Look what was accomplished! He was fully God and fully human and took on all rejection, even rejection from his Father from the cross.


Dear Father,

You and Your Son have suffered rejection that is impossible to comprehend. We may not feel grateful, but we’re grateful we share in Your rejection because it transforms us to be more like Jesus and fulfills Your purpose.

Thank you for burdens that are light because of Your Son.


Published by Barbara Hinther

Barbara Hinther author of Meditations and Encouragement for the Caregiver of a Loved One with Dementia and What About Me, God. Time to share what she has learned and hopefully, others will know they are not alone. This too, shall pass with beautiful, yet painful, lessons. Barbara lives in a rural town in Idaho where all is community. Bless everyone in the community for their support and their never-ending let’s pitch in attitude! She worked in marketing for over 30 years and volunteered with the Idaho Youth Ranch and St. Vincent’s de Paul Thrift Store. Then her hardest job ever was caring for her husband who died from Lewy body dementia and needed her full-time care. Feelings of abandonment were constant. Life was very difficult for a while, but love, faith and hope will overcome. Let the adventure continue!

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