God Acts on our Behalf

“Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.”Isaiah 64:4 NIV

“God’s timing, not mine.

God’s will, not mine.

God’s plan, not mine.

God’s glory, not mine.” Mark Robinson

Recently, Larry Schweikart, author of A Patriot’s History of the United States, was being interviewed about his very successful book. It’s being used as a text for many private, religious, home-school educators. He said something so profound I have to share it: “I get up in the morning and thank God that he is God and I am not.” He taught me to do the same. It keeps my self-reliance, self-control, will power and expectations in check. I am the creature. He is the creator.

And he acts on our behalf. Another lesson to be learned and usually only in hindsight. Our Father’s timing, as you probably already know, is not our timing.

I’m pretty sure God has given me much of what I prayed for and it wasn’t so great and definitely humbling. I prayed for a wonderful job and I got it. I also got more stress, more hours, horrendous commute and more responsibility. I prayed to live in a nice city. He said no. And I’m so grateful now—not in the beginning. This is where the desires of my heart come into play. He patiently guided my desire into his– a country bumpkin. I prayed he would help/change others. Got burned on that one! I am not God. How arrogant! He still worked on my behalf and gently showed how to change me; the only one I’m responsible for. He still worked on others’ behalf and not the way I expected—thank God!

I really don’t think like God, know what’s best like God, do not keep the world spinning like God. So I pray, “ Thank you, Father, that you are God and I am not.” And I have a whole lot of peace. Peter told us to cast all our anxiety upon him because he cares for you.


We may not recognize, see or hear all the things our Father does on our behalf. In fact, I’m sure of it. I’m sure that it’s all for his glory, though I don’t understand how it blesses but it does. I know the Father loves me. He promises an abundant life. He promises to make me a New Creation. He does the same for all his children. Our expectations are brought into line with the Father’s.


Dear Father,

You are God. We are not. We thank you for this. We thank you for the situations that all worked for good. They worked for good because we love you and you love us. They worked for good because you enable us to work for your glory. When we see the troubles of this world, communities and family, we remember: you are God and we are not. We are open to your will. Thank you.


Published by Barbara Hinther

Barbara Hinther author of Meditations and Encouragement for the Caregiver of a Loved One with Dementia and What About Me, God. Time to share what she has learned and hopefully, others will know they are not alone. This too, shall pass with beautiful, yet painful, lessons. Barbara lives in a rural town in Idaho where all is community. Bless everyone in the community for their support and their never-ending let’s pitch in attitude! She worked in marketing for over 30 years and volunteered with the Idaho Youth Ranch and St. Vincent’s de Paul Thrift Store. Then her hardest job ever was caring for her husband who died from Lewy body dementia and needed her full-time care. Feelings of abandonment were constant. Life was very difficult for a while, but love, faith and hope will overcome. Let the adventure continue!

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