“Your kindness will reward you, but your cruelty will destroy you.” Proverbs 11:17

“Kindness is a gift everyone can afford.” Unknown

A birdhouse. A cute, blue, handmade birdhouse taught me this in the midst of my pain when journeying with husband during his end stage dementia. This little birdhouse sits in my living room because I haven’t the will to share it with the birds yet. I provide for the birds, believe me, but this little birdhouse taught me how profound kindness is.

It was made by an elderly gentleman who liked my husband and was in the care home for physical rehabilitation. He was very kind to my husband and ate breakfast with him until my husband could no longer eat. He checked in on my husband. Talked to my husband no matter what devastation was displayed. He also spent time with me and marveled at my stamina. Hugged me. When my hubby entered hospice, this gentleman gave me the birdhouse he built. Tears sprang from my eyes. Oh, how I felt loved by his kindness. Oh, how I remember his kindness to my husband, especially since dementia victims are so lacking.

This gentleman met a woman in the care center who also was enduring physical rehabilitation. They encouraged each other, fell in love and married in the care center’s cafeteria. There were hearts, streamers, confetti, well wishes and a beautiful cake designed and baked by the staff. It was wonderful! My husband and I were in attendance. Tears again. On to their new little home with each other. Kindness.

This man was so kind to me, my husband and the woman he fell in love with. He was 80-plus years. So was his sweetie. His kindness was hugely rewarded. God keeps his word. Kindness was rewarded.

Kindness is a fruit of the spirit, even kindness toward yourself. In fact, the harder you are on yourself, the harder we are on others. You know that “as a man thinks, so is he.” The kinder you are to yourself, the more kindness overflows from you. You can never run out of kindness.


Kindness is so rich and yet never runs out no matter what’s occurring in our lives. Kindness is so rewarding with interest! It can be kindness to an animal, a lonely child, a grieving widow, a shut-in, or even yourself. Even little children can do kindness and they do it so innocently. Kindness reaps such a joyful reward from our father.


Dear Father,

Thank you for your kindness and the kindness of your son and the Holy Spirit. No matter our problems, heartaches, griefs, kindness is ours to spend. Kindness is ours to enjoy. It’s one of your fruits. Jesus displayed the ultimate kindness on the cross yet even a cup of cold water is kindness.


Published by Barbara Hinther

Barbara Hinther author of Meditations and Encouragement for the Caregiver of a Loved One with Dementia and What About Me, God. Time to share what she has learned and hopefully, others will know they are not alone. This too, shall pass with beautiful, yet painful, lessons. Barbara lives in a rural town in Idaho where all is community. Bless everyone in the community for their support and their never-ending let’s pitch in attitude! She worked in marketing for over 30 years and volunteered with the Idaho Youth Ranch and St. Vincent’s de Paul Thrift Store. Then her hardest job ever was caring for her husband who died from Lewy body dementia and needed her full-time care. Feelings of abandonment were constant. Life was very difficult for a while, but love, faith and hope will overcome. Let the adventure continue!

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