A Personal God

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into him and eat with him, and he with me” Revelation 3:20 NIV

“God will meet you where you are in order to take you where He wants you to go.”Tony Evans

A Montana January, below zero with wind screeching and threatening my very life around my rusty, tin can trailer. Oh how it rattled the roof and windows! Pipes frozen. Coffee can for … A local truck stop gave me water. 24 years old.  Newly divorced. Barely a high-school graduate. Out of money. Lonely. Hungry. Punishing myself. Believed I deserved it.

Government assistance? Nope.

Godly assistance? Yep.

Through tears, I asked Jesus to come in and eat with me. Please, Jesus, speak to me. I have a 25 cent box of macaroni and cheese, coffee and tears. Mice had invaded my home and I could hear their scratching and squeaking throughout the night. One (I hoped only one) skittered across me while I was sleeping. At least I had heat from an old gas stove. But, please Jesus, be with me.

I wish I could say everything turned to rainbows and stardust. It didn’t. It was only looking back that I could see Jesus was with me and not as I expected. No knight in shining armor. But I was comforted and encouraged to take wobbly risks. I met people that offered opportunities. But really, inside, I was panicked, bottomed out, numb from fear and unaware of all the positive things happening each day. One foot in front of the other. More macaroni and cheese. Helping and holding hands. Others’ stories of survival from Christians who survived the Great Depression to a Viet Nam Vet with PTSD. They fed me spiritual and physical food. I even got delicious cookies and comfort from a motherly Christian woman! They showed me my strengths. They laughed and soothed. They helped with the water and mice problem. They gave me books, hugs, phone calls (no texting back then and I’m forever grateful). Now I do this for others. I bet you do too. A personal Savior.


We have a personal God. He dines with us. He comforts us. He renews us. He lets us share in his kingdom. He lets us help one another. He died for us. I know of no other religion that has a personal, sacrificing God who “will never leave me nor forsake me.” Never the way I think he should.


Dear Father,

Your ways are mysterious. You teach us to pray for each day only. Today’s bread only. You take care of the rest, even when we’re overcome with shame, fear and doubt. Redeem our painful times for your honor. Remind us that dependency on you is a very good thing. Remind us to ask, seek, knock. Thank you that you dine with us.


Published by Barbara Hinther

Barbara Hinther author of Meditations and Encouragement for the Caregiver of a Loved One with Dementia and What About Me, God. Time to share what she has learned and hopefully, others will know they are not alone. This too, shall pass with beautiful, yet painful, lessons. Barbara lives in a rural town in Idaho where all is community. Bless everyone in the community for their support and their never-ending let’s pitch in attitude! She worked in marketing for over 30 years and volunteered with the Idaho Youth Ranch and St. Vincent’s de Paul Thrift Store. Then her hardest job ever was caring for her husband who died from Lewy body dementia and needed her full-time care. Feelings of abandonment were constant. Life was very difficult for a while, but love, faith and hope will overcome. Let the adventure continue!

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